The Noble Couple.

While went through some online articles on The Star Online, The Spotlight caption caught my attention.

“Couple on a cycling mission”

Richard Ferge ,37, and his wife, Stani Martinkova, 43, are just noble. Pedalling to most of the places around the globe for just one mission: to create awareness on the need to conserve the environment. Malaysia is their 48th destination since they started their journey in 1996. 80,000km of cycling since 1996 and still counting, from Alaska to South America, before continuing their mission to Europe. They took a short pause in 2000 due to financial constraints.

Here’s the interesting part; this couple sold off all their property (their house and theur car) and packed their bags into their two-wheelers. What a noble couple!

Their Asian journey kicked-off in 2005, taking Russia as the starting point, they headed for Mongolia, China, South Korea, Japan, and several ASEAN countries. They dropped by Malaysia via Langkawi. So far, they have visited Alor Star, Penang, Kelantan, and Pahang. Islands escapades in Tioman, Perhentian, and Redang will take some time to cover.

Their next pit stops are Singapore, Indonesia,  Australia, and New Zealand. Their aim is to cycle to at least 100 countries.

Click here for a full read.

By the way, Ferge is a vegetarian who says ‘No!’ to animals cruelty.

Somehow, I think Chow is quite similar to him because of those green deeds (cycling and being a vegetarian). =D


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