CAP Wants Ban on Bottled Water

Just a quick update in between papers.

Fern, a member of UMS Greenpulse sends news about a recent statement by the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) president, S.M. Mohamed Idris, who wants a ban on bottled water.

I suppose just to be on the safe side while the government considers his opinion, S.M. further adds: “Consumers should not refill the plastic bottle with tap water.” Studies have shown chemicals leaching into the water when the bottles are reused. Furthermore, studies have also shown that antimony, a toxic material used in the making of bottled water, may leach into the water even before the consumer has yet to touch the bottle.

Apparently, the longer you keep bottled water, the more toxic it becomes. It’s like wine, except in reverse.

The full article is available on The Star.


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