How many University Students in Malaysia are Aware of Environmental Issues and Act?

Something made me think about this issue. I wonder how many university students are aware of environmental issues?

Through my personal experience, most of them place more focus upon their studies (which is natural, since it is the purpose for coming to university). Unfortunately, they tend to generate a lot of waste during their time here.

Throwing away recyclable plastics, using a lot of paper for their assignments, disposing aluminium cans and so on. I wonder, should university students have a higher awareness than the public regarding environmental issues? Should they start the movement to the publicize some environmental friendly issues like recycling?

For now at least, they spend more on material goods and generate more waste. This makes me feel weird.

Thankfully, a very small but dedicated portion of university students are actually aware of environmental issues and have decided to respond to it by doing things such as reducing the use of plastic bags. This has made me less disappointed about university students today.

So, what is your opinion? Let us discuss and exchange some ideas.


2 Responses

  1. well i’d like to think that our university students are not so stupid or ignorant. i think they are aware of the environmental issues in malaysia and globally. level of awareness may very but regarding issues of debris and recycling, i think everyone knows about it. it is hard to live in kk and not see the amount of trash along our beaches and streets.

    the problem is i think, even after knowing the problem they have no motivation to take action. they seem to think that it is someone else’s job to fix it. “the government should clean it up” “its not my house, so why should i clean it”.

    so increasing environmental awareness alone is not enough. attitudes must change. unfortunately, the university doesnt teach one to become an ecologically responsible person. knowledge is an important first step but it is not enough to change people’s action.

    i think, one strategy is getting people involved in environmental actions such as beach cleanup and monitoring of reefs or seagrass.

    its great that some of you are taking positive actions. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks salha for your opinion. I’m not saying that university students are stupid and ignorant. Just feel their awareness for the environmental things are low.

    Next sem we got plan that involve with environmental action, hope you can join us. Thankyou.

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