Trash Sampling: Final Report.

The Orange Keyboard
The winner of the most unique item students throw away.

The following report was written by Pang See Ming, the director of UMS Greenpulse’s recycling project. This report was first sent to me sometime at the beginning of my exams, so I have been dragging my feet over editing it (Please don’t fire me, I have one mouth to feed) until now.


21 October 2009 (Wednesday)


Block H, Kampung AB (the place we store the recyclable items)


I was keeping contact with the person in-charge of GNC Recycle Sdn Bhd throughout the course of the project. We finally agreed upon a time for them to come to UMS to collect recyclable items that had been collected over the course of the week.

As promised, they came to UMS on Wednesday where Kim Ling and I waited for the lorry at the main gate to show the way to Kampung AB, because if my memory serves me correct, the GNC official I contacted had asked us to do so. After all, it was the first time the lorry driver assigned to pick up our recyclable items had ever entered UMS.

After waiting a week after the recycling surveyed, we worried about the likelihood of receiving complaints from the Student Affairs Department of the residential colleges (HEP Kolej Kediaman). Finally, we managed to sell all recyclable items which were collected during the last four days (5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th of October 2009 respectively).

For anyone interested in contacting GNC if you wish to organise your own recycling event around Kota Kinabalu, you may contact the following people, whom we ourselves were in contact with:

  • Mr. Randy, 016-826 1828;
  • Ms. Rachel Lim, 016-810 2282;
  • one of GNC’s lorry drivers, 016-842 6833.

Recyclable items were categorized into:

  • aluminum cans;
  • plastic bottles;
  • hard plastic; and
  • newspapers (indirectly collected while the survey was being carried out).

All of these items (except for the newspapers) were collected only for the purposes of the survey. Our main focus for the recycling project remained plastic bottles.

The following table is a summary of GNC’s price quote for the items we collected:

Number of units

Total weight, kg

Price per kg, RM

Total price per category, RM

Aluminum cans




Plastic bottles





Hard plastic










The quoted price for aluminum cans was the highest among of all at RM2.00 per kilogram.

The price for plastic bottles and hard plastics were the same. Under normal circumstances, the price would have been different, but as the items collected during the survey were perhaps too light, GNC could not give us a higher price for them.

Ms. Rachel stated that we had collected too little recyclable items, therefore the company could not offer a higher price quotation for the items. Ms. Rachel further explained that prices may vary between 1 or 2 cents. depending on the quantity and weight of the items collected. I may clarify the details with her at a more opportune date.

The cash earnt from the sale of the recyclable items was not enough to cover the expenses of the project, which were spent on plastic bags and disposable gloves. A long-term solution would be to work on a proposal to get funding from the HEP or to collect membership fees.


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