KK Reef Watch’s Environmental Stewardship Programme Report

Yesterday, on the first Monday after the official end of the examination week, and more than 25 hours after my Diplôme d’étude en langue française, KK Reef Watch organized an environmental stewardship programme for students at the secluded ODEC beach in UMS.

The unfortunate timing of the event meant there wouldn’t be too many students joining the event. Including myself, we managed another four students, which is actually quite good because most of the students had already returned home.

The session began with a brief introduction of KK Reef Watch, in between snacks and drinks. Really good coffee by the way.

Then we were divided into two teams to clean up the ODEC beach. Each team appointed a leader to lead the collecting effort, and with the limited human resource at our disposal, went forth to collect trash lying on the beach that was not buried.

We ended the garbage collection as the sun approached its end of her trek through the evening sky. Bathed in the shade of orange, we began classifying the trash collected with customised forms provided by KK Reef Watch.

Some of the trash were easily classifiable, such as plastic bottles. Some others, like broomheads, required some discussion before appropriate categories were decided upon.

When darkness approached, another talk was given regarding marine environmental issues in Sabah. Interspersed throughout the talk were interesting tidbits such as the possible expansion of the Coral Triangle to include Peninsula Malaysia, research opportunities in the marine sciences, and employment in the marine field as well.

The activity ended, appropriately enough with a barbeque which served corn, chicken and fish.

I had no excuses here for taking a holiday from my vegetarian diet.


  1. Remind all participants to bring along a wide-brimmed hat or cream to protect temselves from the sun;
  2. Prepare appropriate measures to prevent sandfly and mosquito attacks in the evening (they got annoying after dark);
  3. More vegetables at barbeques, s’il vous plaît?

One Response

  1. Nicely said Ju Ping, you will one day become a great young environmental conservation writer and leader 🙂


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