METI Taps Miku for Handphone Recycling Programme brings news about a new handphone recycling programme by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The difference is METI tapping the talents of various artists to create the music video above starring otaku pop-culture icon, Hatsune Miku – also widely regarded as better than most real singers, although her voice is artificially generated.

People recycling their old phones before buying a new one are eligible for a prize, with a further stipulation that phone to be recycled must be worth more than 2,500 yen. Participants also receive 1,000 yen for their efforts.

This is an admirable display of what governments should be doing to promote both an environmentally conscious lifestyle, and promote the works of local artists as well. That said, 2,500 yen is about RM95.00 at the time of writing. As Karen Gellender at Japanator pointed out: “I question how many cell phones even exist in Japan that cost less than that.”


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