The Recycling Bins for Plastic Bottles Unleashed!

The box above is a culmination of nearly 5 month’s worth of planning and execution. On the 22nd of January, Pang See Min, grand chieftain of the soon-to-be legendary recycling project team, led a dozen students in an ambitious effort to place a cardboard box with the bottom taped-shut and the lids-taped up.

After taping the lids up, the next step was to place at least one box with the accompanying green arrow and a leaflet showing which items were acceptable for recycling – on every single floor in the AB Residential College.

This was followed by a door-to-door campaign which may have annoyed a few and amused many.

Rules to follow before giving us your unwanted goods:

  1. These are recycling bins, not trash cans. We are trying to do the Earth (and you) a service, please don’t make our jobs any harder than it already is.
  2. These bins are for plastic bottles, as our leaflets show. We do not collect plastic bags at the moment. Any plastic bag thrown inside them cannot be recycled.
  3. Please make sure your bottles are empty before dropping them into the bins. We wish to ensure the cardboard boxes last as long as possible.
  4. Please crumple your bottles first before dropping them into the recycling bins, so that more plastic bottles can be collected.
  5. Lend a hand. When we need to collect all the bottles, help us gather them. We will tell you when.
  6. All your efforts are much appreciated by the team. Thank you.

A special thanks to Laurencia, who headed the recycling bins team, and managed to exceed all expectations by preparing more boxes than we eventually needed.

And thank you as well to Suet Kim and Kim Ling for promoting the recycling bins among the students during dinnertime at the cafeteria. Every one is playing a part in helping to make the world a better place. We hope you will join us as well.

Check out our gallery below.


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