Greenpulse 2010/11

To Nature’s Beat.

The Greenpulse website has been idle without any  updates for a while and I am really sorry about that but we are still moving on to keep the ‘fire’ burning.

Before we proceed, I have to say I really appreciate and thank all the efforts and contributions from the Greenpulse committee from the last semester and it was a great experience which we shared together.

The main goal of Greenpulse is the promotion of the environmental movement within the university; specifically in either the conservation or the preservation of the environment.

We play characters creating and boosting environmental awareness among the university students of UMS.

As mentioned by the founder of Greenpulse, it is a continuous effort that grows with time and we just do what we can with what we have and where we are. We share the same vision and are united as a team.

We had our committee meeting three times, the first meeting was about getting  to know what are the responsibilities of each position, how Greenpulse works, what are the activities we have to implement for this and the coming semester and future semesters as well as project leaders for each activity. Below is the list of the Greenpulse Committee 2010/2011 followed by a table listing project leaders for each activity.

Greenpulse Committee 2010/2011


Pang See Min                      017-9678225

Vice President

(I) Chin Kim Ling               016-7787469

(II) Dazvieo Keniin             014-8751952


Laurencia Bernard           014-9522169

Vice Secretary

Ede Gloria Suadin              010-2201404


Kwek Shi Ting                      014-6164061


Lorraine D. J                        013-5435984

Hajar binti Asir                   014-9523151

Jeffrey Ng                             014-9523890

Chong Man Tien                 014-9521795

Lim Seut Kim                      017-2115117

No. Activities Project Leaders
1. Greenpulse membership recruitment Chin Kim Ling, Dazvieo
2. Environmental Talk Dazvieo and Kim Ling
3. Recycling project Laurencia and Pang See Min
4. No plastic bags day Chong Man Tien, Lorraine
5. One day trip to KK Wetland centre Hajar bt Asir, Kwek Shi Ting
6. Greenpulse T-shirt Lim Suet Kim, Jeffrey Ng
7. Greenpulse’s website Dazvieo and Pang See Min

No. Activities Descriptions
1. Greenpulse Membership Recruitment
  • It’s a short term event which will take 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Our main objectives is to recruit new members join our society, either new-coming or previous UMS’s students.
  • Within these 2 or 3 weeks, we are going to introduce Greenpulse to them with the objectives of our society, how they can contribute to the environment and others.

*we started for few weeks after the holidays, a short power point presentation was prepared to introduce Greenpulse

*until today, we have already approached most of the freshmen from SST and the numbers who are us are still increasing.

2. Talks by EAC
  • It can be linked to the Membership Recruitment activity; plans to organize after the membership recruitment weeks.
  • It’s about the present environmental issues with the main goal is to create awareness among all students.

*project leader, Daz contacted JAS for a speaker and is still in the preparation stage.

3. One Day Trip to the KK wetland centre.
  • Introduce the activities that will be held in the KK Wetland Centre; it may be the planting of mangrove seedlings, learning the procedure of composting and other activities.
  • Limited participants.

*since the RM30 for environmental education is quite high thus maybe we will just visit KK Wetland, entrance fee for RM3, introduce the participants about the roles of KK Wetland Centre in Sabah

4. No Plastic Bag Day
  • Once in a week, set a day and practice it every week.
  • Targeting location will be Café of the School.
  • Not limited to the SST, it can be extended to other schools.
  • There will be no plastic bags or polystyrene containers provided on that day, students have to bring their own container or we will provide the replacement for it.
  • We will have posters, notice or others publication to make the students aware of it.
  • It’s a long term activity

*since the DBKK and EAC have already implemented a form of this activity, we shall thus choose another day, that is Wednesday for this activity thus to extend the implementation of No Plastic Bag Day.

5. Recycling Project
  • Kampung CD will be the next Kampung which join us in this activity.
  • It’s a long term project.

*After a week waiting for approval, we finally received the total approved budget for this project from the HEP

*from the last meeting, our committee agreed to start the collection for aluminium tins, and we will place another box beside the boxes which are for the plastic bottles, and we are now still collecting boxes for this activity. However the collection for cans is only planned  for Kg AB girl’s block.

*since the JAKMAS of Kg CD showed their interest to this project thus a proposal was sent to the Exco 3K of Kg CD.

6. Greenpulse T-shirt *Lim Suet Kim suggested a t-shirt design competition for this activity. Still in planning.

The table above shows a short summary for all the activities we planned to implement for this semester, it was indeed a rough plan and I cannot convince myself that I can handle all of it successfully. But we, united as a team will try our best. All the best for Greenpulse.


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