Report on Collected Plastic Bottles from Kampung AB

     As a continuation to the recycling project from the last semester, this semester the Greenpulse committee had placed all collection boxes on every single floor in the AB Residential College on the 20th of September 2010.

     The project was a delayed due to the difficulties in accumulating the boxes necessary since much of the boxes from the previous semester were stolen although we stored all of them at the basement of a block as we are not allowed to keep them in the Jakmas office.

     The lower than expected number of boxes became a major problem at first. Secondly, there were no more free boxes from the previous supplier, Giant, for this semester.

     Due to the limitation of time, we decided to buy about half of the total boxes required from the supplier after discussion among the Greenpluse committee. The remaining boxes required were collected from the grocers from time to time.

    Until the time of writing, there are still four blocks which do not have any collection boxes for plastic bottles. Despite the snag in this recycling project, Greenpulse still continues with our efforts to find more boxes to complete the allocation of boxes to all blocks.

     On the 22nd of October 2010, we had our first collection of plastic bottles and it was a quite encouraging figure in  which the total was 2014.

     As with previous recycling efforts, one of the major problems remains the dropping-off of unwanted goods inside the boxes such as plastic bags, cans, leftover food and unrecyclable trash.

     Big thanks to all Greenpulse committee members who contributed a lot of effort into this project. Lastly, we hope by the beginning of the next semester, we will be able to collect more boxes which we need for the recycling activity, and hope residents will take more responsibility towards the environment.


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Invest in the Young and the Future

     On the 25th of September 2010, Saturday, a meaningful environmental education program named “Invest in the Young and the Future” was launched for the second time this month.

     The programme lasted from 8.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. at the KK Wetland Centre, Likas, Sabah. The organizer of the event is the KK Wetland Centre and this programme is planned to be implemented continuously for three years starting from September 2010 to 2012.

     Six of the Greenpulse committee members joined this program and it was a really inspiring experience where we all enjoy and learning at the same time.

     The event started with the first activity which was called Connect with Nature; participants were introduced to the composting process, usage of green curtains, mangrove fields and its function as a rubbish net.

     Next was the Walk in the Mangrove, where participants toured the KK Wetland mangrove forest and were introduced to the various species of mangrove, their importance, the processing of the seedlings and other facts about the mangrove forest.

     Meanwhile, a second group conducted activities such as the food chain game, the dragonfly pond game and other tasks which taught the interaction between the environment and humans and how human actions impact to the environment.

     Lastly, an Action Plan was written by each participant.

     Since that day, all six of us have obtained a better understanding of what is meant by environment education, why it is needed and how to implement it.

     Seigo, a Japanese crew of KK Wetland Centre led us along the way, briefing us about our roles and all the activities which were planned on the event day. In this event, participants were to come from two different secondary schools in Kota Kinabalu which were SM Shan Tao and SM Tambutuon.

     They are all showed their creativity while answering the questionnaires, and were active in learning as well.

     To conclude, it was a great start to getting involved in environmental education and we now understand thoroughly the value and the importance of environmental education as a different way to contribute to the environment. It is urgent that we educate the future generation about their roles in contributing to a better environment.



 I am very happy that the Sabah KK Wetland Centre gave me a chance to be a facilitator in this environmental leadership course. I learned a lot through this course especially in the composting section and mangrove seedling section. The KK Wetland Centre covers a large area of mangrove forest which made me feel calm and relaxed.
by Chong Man Tien
I am contented to have been one of the facilitators for this program. I was impressed by the participation of the secondary schools students. They were really marvellous and active in learning so as to enjoy it well.
by Chin Kim Ling

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