Green Weddings

Here, I would like to share my opinion with all of you after reading an article about green weddings. Green wedding ceremonies convey the message of loving the earth.

The venue for a wedding ceremony is a lush Green Park where there are no ribbons and are furnished with potted plants. Besides that, organic food is served at the banquet and only the people who are really close with the bride and bridegroom are invited.

Green weddings are totally contradictory with the concept of Chinese traditional weddings where typically, a lot of money is spent on decorations and food, which inherently lead to the creation of large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Traditional wedding feasts include the blustering air-conditioning, the loud singing on stage, and luxurious exhibition-like scenes, seems a bit out of tune compared to green weddings.

Through the act of travelling by personal transport, participants attending a traditional ceremony also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. In a green wedding ceremony, guests would be encouraged to use buses instead their cars.

A wedding announcement is good news to friends and relatives to receive blessings; green weddings can also achieve the same purpose. Seeing as the typical luxurious wedding results in increasing personal and environmental debt, we must ask ourselves: “Is it worth it?”

By Lim Suet Kim


2 Responses

  1. wow!….great info Suet Kim!

  2. love the idea of green wedding ^ ^
    just to share around to everyone
    A wedding reception that I’ve attended which held at a seafood restaurant, they actually did an awareness campaign (Say No to shark fins soup) supporting the Green Connection movement; I found it pretty cool, memorable and different way to convey message to their guest. they even put their campaign logo in the menu and showed a short video about it.

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