Petition of Support

Coal fire power plants are an issue worth taking up if you are concerned about the general health of the local populace, and climate change.

In Sabah, the issue of coal fire plants is a contentious issue as the local government seeks to increase the number of coal fire plants in the state.

A group called GreenSURF claims that in reality, there is more supply of power in Sabah than demanded. If true, this means there is as yet no urgency to build another coal fire plant, but it is simply enough to maintain the existing infrastructure while investing in Greener technology to power our energy needs.

While Greenpulse is not privy to this issue, we do support a stand that there should be an independent body to keep the government in check, and to ensure that funds are not wasted upon short-term gains at the risk of long-term environmental degradation.

That said, we urge all Malaysians to sign the following petition in support of GreenSURF in their own words:

…agree to be part of and support this coalition which aims to create awareness on global warming, climate change and energy issues in Sabah,and build a platform where these issues can be discussed in an open and transparent manner, with the ultimate goal of supporting the development of cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy in Sabah.

News courtesy of Zhi Yiing.