In Pursuit of Saving The Environment

Ed: The following opinion piece was contributed by one of our Greenpulse members, Lee HT.

With our obsession with saving the environment, and rewinding all the damages done to Mother Earth during the last century; are we actually pushing the environment towards the better or worse?

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Animal Welfare as an Environmental Issue

Well, it seems I have had a bit of free time, as bureaucratic practices conspired to put a comma on my plans for a three-week research trip to Lahad Datu. Therefore, I did some rescheduling of some appointments so that I could attend an SPCA KK meeting at the DBKK building in Kota Kinabalu on Saturday evening.

The issues of strays in Sabah is not an issue most people would concern themselves with, preferring to ignore the existence of the multitude of dogs and cats that roam the streets throughout Sabah.

Some of you who are reading this would probably wonder as well, why should an environmental group concern itself with animal welfare issues? The discussion after the jump.

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How many University Students in Malaysia are Aware of Environmental Issues and Act?

Something made me think about this issue. I wonder how many university students are aware of environmental issues?

Through my personal experience, most of them place more focus upon their studies (which is natural, since it is the purpose for coming to university). Unfortunately, they tend to generate a lot of waste during their time here.

Throwing away recyclable plastics, using a lot of paper for their assignments, disposing aluminium cans and so on. I wonder, should university students have a higher awareness than the public regarding environmental issues? Should they start the movement to the publicize some environmental friendly issues like recycling?

For now at least, they spend more on material goods and generate more waste. This makes me feel weird.

Thankfully, a very small but dedicated portion of university students are actually aware of environmental issues and have decided to respond to it by doing things such as reducing the use of plastic bags. This has made me less disappointed about university students today.

So, what is your opinion? Let us discuss and exchange some ideas.

Turning Vegan

Looking towards vegetarianism as a solution to our environmental problems, I realised how little I actually know about the animals that I am eating. In little more than 3 days after visiting the PETA site, I have now set upon the ultimate diet change – to turn vegan, completely.

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Starting a fire….

The following is a special message from the current President of Greenpulse. We also wish to happily announce that the Greenpulse blog will soon be more active as we will have new contributors and authors writing for the site. Now sit back, relax, and read about how one student decided to take the first steps towards setting up Greenpulse.

At the end of June 2008, I came to UMS to continue my studies. My course? Environmental science.

I still remember the reason I chose this course, and the reason I chose to come here – Sabah which very far from my hometown. Partly due to my Sixth Form biology teacher, Mr. L’s influence , I started to appreciate all the things I have in life and also started to think more about the environment. Although this course was not my first choice, I am still happy that I am able to study here.

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