We can be reached by either leaving comments on this page directly or via email at:

We are open to all UMS students who are interested to join.


5 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m an ex-UMS student. I have a suggestion for your next project after looking at this site
    They started a program where the canteen provides a RM0.20 voucher for bringing their own containers. Or charge RM0.25 for a biodegradable container. Good idea?
    I think it’s feasible… Just need the cooperation of the canteen operator.

    • Great idea Penny! Thanks for sharing. The group is still fairly young and your input is very much appreciated. Good to know that old students are contributing to the group =)

  2. who should i contact if i am interested to buy white paper?

  3. Hi, I’m the new committee for Greenpulse UMS. If we want to continue use this page, who should i contact?

  4. Ya I am from sabah kota kinabalu… now I got doing recycle bottles business. And here would like to ask u to quote a market price for us to deliver those empty bottles to ur company. Most of the bottles are beer bottles. If ur company are interested u can call me and do the futher discussion. This is my contact 0128284838. U can call me anytime. Tq very much

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