Greenpulse 2010/11

To Nature’s Beat.

The Greenpulse website has been idle without any  updates for a while and I am really sorry about that but we are still moving on to keep the ‘fire’ burning.

Before we proceed, I have to say I really appreciate and thank all the efforts and contributions from the Greenpulse committee from the last semester and it was a great experience which we shared together.

The main goal of Greenpulse is the promotion of the environmental movement within the university; specifically in either the conservation or the preservation of the environment.

We play characters creating and boosting environmental awareness among the university students of UMS.

As mentioned by the founder of Greenpulse, it is a continuous effort that grows with time and we just do what we can with what we have and where we are. We share the same vision and are united as a team.

We had our committee meeting three times, the first meeting was about getting  to know what are the responsibilities of each position, how Greenpulse works, what are the activities we have to implement for this and the coming semester and future semesters as well as project leaders for each activity. Below is the list of the Greenpulse Committee 2010/2011 followed by a table listing project leaders for each activity.

Greenpulse Committee 2010/2011


Pang See Min                      017-9678225

Vice President

(I) Chin Kim Ling               016-7787469

(II) Dazvieo Keniin             014-8751952


Laurencia Bernard           014-9522169

Vice Secretary

Ede Gloria Suadin              010-2201404


Kwek Shi Ting                      014-6164061


Lorraine D. J                        013-5435984

Hajar binti Asir                   014-9523151

Jeffrey Ng                             014-9523890

Chong Man Tien                 014-9521795

Lim Seut Kim                      017-2115117

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Last Report on the Recycling Project for the Semester

We have just about wrapped up our activities for this semester. Much needs to be done as we prepare to launch our first official recruitment drive.

For our final collection of plastic bottles, a total of RM25.60 was paid to Greenpulse for collecting 128 kilogrammes of plastic bottles.

By the way, the last post apparently came with a message asking me to translate it into English. I regretfully express my apologies to anyone who couldn’t understand the report due to my oversight on the meta-data accompanying the message. May I point towards Google Translate for the Malay-challenged among you.

Reported on Collected Plastic Bottles from Kampung AB 3

Blocks Girl’s Boy’s
A 169 0
B 155 177
C 169 50
D 285 1
E 171 84
F 234 14
G 207 28
H 110 107
Total 1500 461

This will be the last collection of plastic bottles at Kolej Kediaman AB this semester. There are two reasons, namely the upcoming final examinations and the very vexatious likelihood that the boxes Greenpulse has placed up will be pilferred by the students to store their stuff during the semester break.

All boxes that have been damaged have been disposed of while the usable ones have been placed in storage within the H block of Kampung AB.

Report filed by Pang See Min.

Mangrove Activity Report (Bahasa Malaysia)

Penanaman Untuk Pemuliharaan Paya Bakau

Seramai 42 orang mahasiswa Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), separuh terdiri daripada adalah ahli Kelab Greenpulse telah menyertai aktiviti penanaman pucuk paya bakau di Muara Sungai Likas oleh DBKK, KKWC dan Kelab Rotary KK, Sabah. Kelab Greenpulse juga telah menjemput seramai 35 pelajar SMK Bandaraya dan ahli KKRW untuk menyertai bersama dalam aktiviti yang bermakna ini.

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Fertilize the Land with Your Waste

Quite literally, an architect and professor in Stockholm Anders Wilhelmson has introduced the mobile disposable toilet in a bag.

The creatively named Peepoo is a disposable bag that can be used to collect faeces and urine which is then broken down by urea crystals – rendering waste into fertilizer.

Potentially useful in toilet-deficient neighbourhoods, I would suggest branching out to the camping market as well – since it may now be possible for campers to avoid the complicated task of digging a deep hole for a toilet, and instead dig a shallower hole just to bury the Peepoo.

Further details available here.

Opinion vs Facts: How Green is a Company

NewScientist recently conducted a study on the perception of a company’s environmental commitment versus the reality in the field. The results show a huge difference in terms of how the public perceives the greenness of a company as surveyed by Earthcost; versus the company’s true environmental impact as conducted by Trucost.

The link can be found here.

Reported on Collected Plastic Bottles from Kampung AB 2

This is the concluding report to the plastic bottle collection carried out on the 1st of March 2010 led by Pang See Min.

Collection on the 1st of March

Blocks Girl’s Boy’s
A 141 125
B 228 170
C 158 104
D 186 0
E 234 31
F 215 120
G 136 94
H 41 102
Total 1339 746

The sum of collected plastic bottles = 1339 + 746 =2085

On 5 March 2010, we had sold all the plastic bottles (1st and 2nd collection). Total weight collected was 167kg, and we were able to raise RM 33.40 from the collection.

Total units of plastic bottles Weight, kg Price quotation, per kg Total price, RM
4565 167 RM 0.20 33.40